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Artificial grass installation for only $4.99 / sqft

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Astro grass

Without a doubt, if you need the ease of maintenance while having your lawn looking impeccable, astro grass is the way to go. Astro grass never needs to be mowed or raked and doesn’t need any fertilizer or pesticides. 

Let’s not forget that you can keep your sprinkler off and go eco-friendly by conserving water. The only time you will need to turn your water on is to give a quick spray to hose off anything that might have gotten onto your astro grass. 

Another benefit is keeping pests at bay. Insects can’t really thrive without soil and their food source. Fungus gnats especially have a hard time when they can’t find root rot. Annoying mosquitoes have a harder time surviving in astro grass without the standing water that can come hand in hand with the soil from real grass.