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Water Smart Landscapes Rebate

For homeowners, the Southern Nevada Water Authority offers an incentive to transition from traditional grass to desert-friendly landscaping. If you own a single-family home, you can receive a rebate of $5 for every square foot of lawn you replace with water-efficient landscaping for up to the initial 10,000 square feet converted. For those considering making the switch to water-smart landscaping, it's important to note that your project must be finished within the 2024 calendar year.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Single-family homeowners:

Kickstart your application process by submitting your details online. Should any questions arise or if guidance is needed, our team is ready to assist you.

Business, HOA, and multifamily properties:

Ensure you have the following ready:

  • Authorized Signer Agreement: This document needs to be notarized and signed by the individual who holds the authority to sign off on property documents. This agreement is crucial for the conversion process.
  • Conversion Area Plan: Have a rough outline of the area you wish to convert. This will need to be illustrated on a map as part of your application.

IMPORTANT: You must participate in a pre-conversion site visit before removing your lawn. Starting without our approval will make your conversion ineligible.

Step 2

Once you've submitted your application, SNWA will conduct a site inspection to ensure your property is eligible. This includes verifying the presence of live grass, checking the functionality of your irrigation system, and assessing the size of the area you intend to convert.

Keep in mind, the demand for our rebate program often surges during the spring and autumn seasons, potentially leading to longer waiting periods for these inspections. We recommend incorporating this into your timeline to avoid any disruptions to your project.

Step 3

Now, it's time for our team at US Turf to roll up our sleeves and start your transformation project!

Please note:

You'll have a full year (12 months) to carry out the conversion to water-efficient landscaping once your application is approved. Should you need a little more time, the SNWA is open to granting an extension of up to 90 days at its discretion, upon receiving a request from you. This provides some flexibility to ensure your project's successful completion within the timeframe.

Step 4

Once your conversion is finished, SNWA will conduct a final inspection of your new landscape within 10 business days to confirm it aligns with the program's requirements, such as the implementation of a drip irrigation system, adequate canopy coverage, and more.

During this visit, SNWA will also check the actual size of the converted area against your initial description to determine the final rebate amount you're eligible for.

Should there be any discrepancies or if the project doesn't meet all the necessary conditions, you'll be given the remaining time of your 12-month project period or 60 days, whichever duration is longer, to address and rectify these issues.

This ensures you have sufficient time to make any needed adjustments and still benefit from the rebate.

Step 5

After passing the final inspection of your landscape conversion, the next step involves a conservation easement that needs to be signed and returned by either the homeowner or an authorized representative of the property.

This easement serves a critical role; it's a formal agreement to ensure that the converted area remains free from grass reinstatement, transformation into a swimming pool, or similar alterations. Essentially, it's a commitment to uphold the water-efficient landscape indefinitely.

Failure to adhere to this agreement would require the homeowner or property representative to repay the SNWA the total incentive received, in addition to any administrative fees incurred. This ensures the long-term success and integrity of the water conservation efforts.

Step 6

Congratulations! Once the easement is officially recorded with Clark County, SNWA will proceed to process your rebate check.

Typically, this check will be sent out to you within 10 business days following the easement recording. This marks the successful completion of your participation in the water-smart landscaping initiative, rewarding your efforts towards conserving water and transforming your property with a sustainable landscape.

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