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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to put down artificial grass?

The cost of artificial grass ranges depending on the size of the property you are covering but can run from $1,500 to $6,000 and more. If the cost to put down artificial grass seems high, then you’ll be happy to know the long run investment is worth it! Think about it, you will no longer need to invest in pricy lawn care services, fertilizers, weed control, pesticides and more. Not only will you save money on products and services, you will also save your valuable time by not wasting it on your lawn.

The price will also differ on the exact type of artificial grass you choose and, of course, the labor cost.

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How long does synthetic grass last?

With proper care, synthetic grass can last up to 25 years. The good news is, proper care for synthetic grass doesn’t take too much effort. Synthetic grass can be quite hardy, especially when investing in a good brand. 

That is 25 years of saving money on fertilizer, pesticides and lawn services. Synthetic grass lasts quite a while and can add many benefits to your yard.

What are the disadvantages of artificial grass?

We’d like to think there aren’t many disadvantages to artificial grass but it is something to consider. You want to make sure this investment is right for you. 

  • Artificial grass does tend to get a bit warmer than real grass. Although it won’t get hot enough to actually catch on fire or melt, it can feel a bit hot to your bare feet.
  • An artificial turf can potentially end up being a breeding ground for odors and bacteria. Although artificial grass doesn’t require water, hosing off your new turf will help keep it clean and keep those bad odors at bay. This disadvantage can be prevented and easily maintained.

What is the cheapest way to install artificial grass?

The cheapest way to install artificial grass is definitely going to be turning it into a DIY project. Lucky for you, we live in a DIY era where everyone wants to become Chip and Joanna Gaines. There is an abundance of YouTube videos with tutorials on how to do almost anything by yourself (or maybe with the help of a friend). 

However, putting your money towards having our professionals install it is the best bet if you aren’t handy. You want to make sure your artificial grass is being installed correctly to prolong its lifespan and durability.

Will weeds grow through artificial grass?

One of the best parts of artificial grass is keeping those pesky weeds far away. Most people are breaking their backs and spending hours pulling out weeds or other unwanted grasses that seem to sprout up to no avail. This is a sure way to steer clear of this annoying homeowner task. It will also save you money by not having to hire a landscape service to wack you weeds.

Can I just lay artificial grass on soil?

Unfortunately, laying artificial grass on soil just won’t do the trick. Some sites may say it is fine but it really isn’t recommended. Some soil isn’t great for drainage and will need a bit of excavation before laying artificial grass down.

Laying artificial grass can be seemingly easy, especially if you are working with a smaller space. However, plopping your artificial grass right down on top of soil can cause issues later on. Your area will need to be level as well as having chat gravel installed.

Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

Pet owners may worry what they should do when their dogs leave, well, waste behind on their crisp and clean artificial grass. Some artificial grass is made specifically with your furry friends in mind. Animal pee and feces can easily be hosed to clear any mess. Any worry this may cause can easily be fixed.

Our Crystal and Crystal+ artificial grass is perfect and meant for your household pets.

Does fake grass last forever?

Just like most things, fake grass does not last forever. Everything has a shelf life, but, this is one of the reasons why investing in a reputable brand like ours can make a world of a difference in how long your artificial grass can last. Most fake grasses can last up to 25 years with proper care.

Although 25 years isn’t forever, it sure is a long time to not worry about lawn care service, mowing your lawn, weeds and pesticides.

How do you maintain fake grass?

Fake grass is extremely hardy and doesn’t take too much effort in maintenance. You can easily maintain your fake grass by hosing it off once in a while or investing in a cleaner like OxyTurf to keep your fake grass fresh. Some artificial grasses can even benefit from a special grass brush.

Does artificial grass require maintenance?

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance. By far, much less maintenance than real grass. You can easily save your time and money with artificial grass when the only maintenance you need to worry about is hosing it off or investing in OxyTurf cleaner. OxyTurf cleaner will help prevent any bacteria and odors which may be festering in the artificial grass.

There are really only a few key points to keeping your turf squeaky clean:

Remove Pet Waste: Make sure to always hose off any waste your pet may leave behind.

Sweeping: Sweep your artificial grass to keep it clean of any debris the wind may carry onto your lawn. 

Treatment with a Cleaner: Using a cleaner like OxyTurf will keep your area clean.

Do you need drainage for fake grass?

Drainage for fake grass is a key component. Having proper drainage will prevent pools of water from gathering on top of your fake grass. As we all know, standing water can lead to pests as well as an area to breed harmful bacteria.

The sub-base of chat gravel we install under your fake grass will ensure a proper drainage system for your new lawn.

Is artificial grass waterproof?

Artificial grass is waterproof and built to withstand water. The materials used are pretty tough and can handle the elements to keep your artificial grass looking beautiful! Artificial grass also allows water to flow through easily to prevent sitting water. Sitting water is an enemy and something that can attract pests and bacteria.

Can bugs live in artificial grass?

It is much harder for bugs to thrive in artificial grass than it is for them to live in regular grass. Bugs need their natural elements to survive and taking that away makes things a lot more difficult for them. This isn’t saying you’ll never see a bug again but it does mean you’ll see them much less frequently in your artificial grass.

How do you install fake grass yourself?

If you want to install fake grass on your own, it is definitely something that can be done. If this is the avenue you are leaning towards then it is suggested to watch YouTube tutorials to ensure it is a DIY project you can for sure tackle. It does take some elbow grease to get it just right. If you are looking at just covering a small area then it will be much more simple.

However, we offer professional installation at a reasonable cost to help get your lawn absolutely perfect!

What goes under artificial grass?

A sublayer of chat gravel is usually what is used to go under your artificial grass. Chat gravel is fragments of a siliceous rock. This type of sublayer is great for drainage and can withstand many climates.

How does artificial grass stay down?

Artificial grass either stays down by simply laying it down, stapling it or having it nailed down to a sublayer. Depending on the type of artificial grass you choose, our installers will choose the best option for you.

If the artificial grass is just laid down, it is usually heavy enough to keep it down and not get blown away. If you want to make sure it’s a bit sturdier, then it can be stapled or nailed down.

How do I stop my artificial grass smelling?

One of the things we like to stress is investing in a good disinfectant like OxyTurf. If you are looking into ways to stop your artificial grass from smelling, OxyTurf  is the way to go. This product will keep your artificial grass nice and clean so odors and bacteria won’t harbor on the surface. 

Another simple step to keep your artificial grass from smelling is to just simply get your hose out and spray down your artificial grass. Hosing down your lawn will help clean off any animal urine or other germs which cause gross odors.

How do you get dog urine smell out of fake grass?

Most homeowners worry about the smells their dogs may leave behind and wonder how they will get dog urine smells out of fake gross. 

Between hosing down your fake grass and cleaning it, it will keep those yucky stenches away. Taking the money and investing in a disinfectant like OxyTurf will also ensure your area stays fresh. OxyTurf is a tough disinfectant designed especially for fake grass. This disinfectant will deodorize as well as kill germs.

Does dog poop ruin artificial grass?

No need to worry about dog urine or even poop ruining your artificial grass. We keep your furry friends in mind when developing our products. Our artificial grass is able to withstand waste left behind by your animals or even animals who may be walking through your property. All you need to do is hose off the waste and look into a turf disinfectant like OxyTurf. 

OxyTurf will ensure any odors left behind will be wiped away as well as gross bacteria which may be lingering.

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