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Current Offer

Artificial grass installation for only $4.99 / sqft

Includes labor and material.

+ Free Estimate
+ Free 3D Design Consultation

*Restrictions apply. Does not include removal. Not valid with any other offers. Offer expires 06/30/23.


AGREEMENT/DEPOSIT BEING PAID – Once the deposit has been paid, you are agreeing to the scope of work along with the terms & conditions listed here on our website (a fully detailed list) and the items listed in the estimate/invoice. The invoice is considered and referred to as a “contract.” See “Refund Policy” for more details on deposit refunds.

SCOPE OF WORK – The scope of work is listed in the invoice by line item. These are services we are offering in return for payment. Material is included in all pricing given, unless otherwise stated. All items not listed on the invoice or change order, but on the renderings from our designers are not subject to get completed without being invoiced for those items.

SCHEDULING – The schedule goes based on a first come, first serve basis. Please allow 1-2 days after paying the deposit to get scheduled (if necessary, you must have HOA approval before scheduling for installation). If the scheduled date does not work for you, we can move you to the next available date that is not already booked. We allow deposits to be paid and held for projects even scheduled up to 4 months out.

RESCHEDULING – The office tries their best to plan accordingly. To aide in this, we order material in advance to prevent any scheduling errors or delays. We kindly ask that all cancellations or reschedules occur at least a week before the project start date.

CHANGE ORDERS – Anything changed within 7 days of the start date will require a change order. Change orders are subject to additional fees (including but not limited to restocking fees, delivery fees, etc.) and could potentially delay the start date of the project (depending on material availability).

DELIVERY OF MATERIAL – Delivery of material will normally happen on the day of installation. White chat and rock are the only materials we drop off in advance, as the employees need this to begin the installation the next morning. If the project is rescheduled by the customer and white chat has already been dropped off, a pickup fee of $35 and a fee of $38/ton is added to the invoice (covers material and the cost of delivery and pickup). For jobs beginning on Mondays, we must drop of the material on Friday as the rock yards are only open during the week. If this does not work for you, we must reschedule you for a different day (as the material must be there before the crews arrive).

DUMPSTERS – Dumpsters are required for any removal, big or small, and some projects require more than one. We use a third-party dumpster service, that picks up and drops them off. Each dumpster is on a weekly schedule, so please give the dumpster company a few days after the project is completed to pick up the dumpster(s). They are closed on the weekends and will resume picking them up on the following Monday.

MATERIAL SELECTION – If a decision has not been made regarding the material at the initial estimate, please stop by our warehouse. We have all artificial grass options, most pavers options and a huge variety of porcelain. For rock, please visit your nearest rock yard to obtain samples. In order to proceed with the project, we need to know materials in advance so we can place the orders. Any material not picked out before installation can cause a delay to the project installation.

EXISTING OR PREVIOUS WORK COMPLETED BY ANOTHER CONTRACTOR - We are not responsible for any work completed before us, be it by new home builder construction or additional work completed at a later date by a different contractor or landscape/maintenance company. We are not responsible for any broken lines, nails hitting pipes that are not below the surface level they are required to be at, etc. This also includes pool pipes that are supposed to be at least 18"-24" deep but were not properly installed by the pool builder. Same goes for electrical, plumbing and gas lines. We are not responsible for any chipping, knicks, cracks or breaks on any existing surfaces. We are also not responsible for windows, sliders, stucco'd walls and furniture or other items in the yard that may get hit with debris or movement of material. 

CLEAN UP – Please allow between 1-8 days after the completion of the project for cleanup. We apologize for any delays up front, but we do only have one clean up clew to pressure wash the streets and to pick-up left-over material.

CREDIT CARDS – Deposits can be paid in person at the office or via a secure payment link online with no additional fee. When using a credit card at the job site, a 3% fee will be added to your total job cost. If you are not available (at home) to pay for the final balance when the job is complete, please come to our office and pay there. There are no additional fees for coming into the office to pay, even via credit card (0%). If you cannot make it to the office during business hours, and would prefer to pay via secure payment link, the 3% charge is added to your total job cost.

CHECK – Once the project has been completed, you can either leave the foreman a check or bring a check down to our office. Mailed checks must have a tracking number, and the tracking number must be sent to us via email for tracking purposes. Once the check is received, we will update your balance and send a paid invoice to the email on file.

FINANCING – Our current financing options will be listed on our website ( To prequalify or apply, you can do so there. Upon acceptance, please let us know so we can get you scheduled or begin working on your HOA drawing if needed. When the project is fully completed, we will send a payment request to Greensky who will then ask you to approve of the job being finished. For financing customers, a deposit is not required.

PAYMENT DUE – We allow customers 24-48 hours after the job has been completed to make final payment without accruing any additional fees. A $35/day late fee will be charged beginning on the 3rd day from completion until the balance is satisfied and the invoice is paid off. If something was not completed because of material shortage or delays, we ask that you pay for the work that was completed minus the items that were not finished. The final balance can be satisfied via payment online with no fee, after the completion of all items on the invoice.

REFUNDS FOR DEPOSITS – Full refunds for deposits are given within 3 days if no drawing has been completed/sent. If you have received a drawing, a drawing fee of $200.00 will be deducted and the remaining credit will be sent back.

REFUNDS FOR WORK ALREADY COMPLETED – If the work has already been completed, all sales are final on services rendered.

WARRANTY - 2-year LABOR warranty on all projects completed (for work completed in invoice). Most artificial grass is covered for 15 years by the manufacturer. PET TURF is only covered for 3 years unless otherwise stated on the invoice/contract. Warranty information is different for all other material. Most warranty information will be available by each manufacturer. *Window burns, including but not limited to, those from your property or your neighbor’s property, are not covered. Reflective burns from any reflective surface (example: a shiny/glossy fence around the yard, reflective paint on a car parked near your grass areas, reflective decorative objects placed in the yard, a floatation device left in the pool or in the yard, etc.) and abuse are not covered under any warranty. “Acts of God,” including but not limited to lightning, heavy winds, heavy down pour, etc. are also not covered. Please send all warranty requests/claims to For more warranty information and other terms not listed here, please visit To prevent window burns, contact Precision Tint @ 702-466-6435 to get a quote on the installation of solar screens. Lifetime warranty options are available upon request.

REPAIRS – All repair requests need to be sent through email to Requests received will be applied to our calendar in the order we receive them. Repair work and fixes are normally completed on Saturdays. If a Saturday does not work for you, we can schedule you during the week on the next available install day (this might be 4-6 weeks out, depending on installations already scheduled). Please allow up to 10 business days for a crew member to come down and get an idea of the repair work needing to be done, if not already understood from the email request. Once the claim has been deemed as fix or repair, we will get you on the repair schedule.


Our process:

After reviewing the estimate, if you’d would like to move forward with the scope of work, contact our office @ 725-735-2182. We charge a 10% deposit to get started (unless the financing options have been selected and approved). Paying the deposit means you agree to the terms above and your estimate will be moved into an invoice. Once the deposit has been paid, we will get started on the HOA drawing if needed or get you on the installation schedule right away (if no HOA requirement). Material is delivered normally the day before installation, but work will not begin until the following day. After the job is complete, the final balance is due (see information regarding payment below).